Welcome to My Pop Up Store!
Our journey began with a simple yet powerful concept that has grown and evolved over the past decade. Initially conceived as an ephemeral project, today we stand stronger than ever before.

In 2012, Elizabeth, the visionary founder of My Pop-Up Store, returned to Mauritius after completing her master's degree at the School of Fine Arts. As a handbag designer under the brand Bab and the Queen, she encountered the common challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in breaking into the industry and establishing their names. Determined to find a solution that bridged the gap between traditional markets and permanent boutiques, she was inspired by the thriving concept of ephemeral boutiques in cities like Paris, London, and New York.
Driven by her passion, Elizabeth successfully brought together a group of like-minded designers who, like her, aspired to make their mark in the market. In September 2012, she launched My Pop-Up Store, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Since then, our community has continued to grow, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of artists, designers, and craftsmen who proudly promote the rich Mauritian know-how.
Today, My Pop-Up Store is home to more than 90 distinctive brands and employs a dedicated team of 10 individuals. The objective is to offer a shopping experience more than just a place to buy.


As a company limited by guarantee, our mission is to reinvigorate the cultural heritage and creative identity of Mauritius, making it desirable and contemporary with:

* Trendy Visibility Platforms: We provide dynamic platforms that showcase local creative skills and knowledge, boosting visibility for talented individuals.
* Support for Local Entrepreneurs: We empower entrepreneurs in art, design, craft, and cultural sectors through mentorship and resources.
* Collaboration between Tradition and Innovation: We foster collaboration between traditional and innovative design, merging skills and knowledge for unique outcomes.
* Authentically Mauritian Products: We develop products that bring Mauritius' heritage to life with a contemporary touch.

Join us on this journey as we revitalize Mauritius' cultural legacy, support local creatives, and shape a vibrant identity. Together, we can showcase the best of Mauritius to the world.
"We develop and federate our creative community and provide training, resources, visibility, collaborations and quality spaces to express their creativity."
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