At My Pop-Up Store, our goal is to support and nurture the Mauritian creative community by providing tailored product development training. We aim to stimulate innovation among vulnerable artisans in Mauritius, ensuring pragmatic and impactful results. Starting as a research project that collaborated with 25 entities and reached 52 local artisans in 2021, we are thrilled to announce that product development has now become an integral part of our program.
Thanks to our support, these artisans have been able to develop and test new products in various market settings, including our Pop-Up shops, permanent stores, and hotel stores. By selling their products through our platforms, they have gained valuable feedback that has helped them refine their offerings. Our meetings have equipped artisans with the necessary skills to continuously create new products in line with international trends.
By embracing product development methodology and conceptualization in the artisanal manufacturing sector, we have the potential to merge traditional Mauritian skills with global trends and standards. This reinvention of authentic local products not only increases their value but also holds countless benefits.
Our product development program is meant to uplift vulnerable artisans, make local SMEs in this sector profitable, stimulate the local economy, create new recognized professions for young people, provide equal opportunities for entrepreneurial success, attract international recognition and interest in Mauritian talent, foster patriotism, and enhance the value of Mauritian know-how.